Thursday, 15 September 2011

Remove a failed Xenserver from Pool

Run the following command to discover the UUID of the broken server:
xe host-list
Use the following command to remove the host:
xe host-forget uuid=<uuid_of_broken_server>
Note that a host should only be forgotten if it is physically unrecoverable, if possible, Hosts should be 'ejected' from the Pool instead.
Once a host has been forgotten it will have to be re-installed.

If the forget command fails with:
This host cannot be forgotten because there are some user VMs still running
Use this command to find witch VMs are listed as running on that server:
xe vm-list resident-on=<uuid_of_broken_server>
Then, for each VM returned by the previous command use the following command:
xe vm-reset-powerstate uuid=<VM_uuid>
Then try the forget command again.

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