Friday, 11 May 2012

Map Serial Device to a telnet port

You can achieve this using ser2net.

The ser2net program comes up normally as a daemon, opens the TCP ports specified in the configuration file, and waits for connections. Once a connection occurs, the program attempts to set up the connection and open the serial port. If another user is already using the connection or serial port, the connection is refused with an error message.

Install ser2net:
sudo apt-get install ser2net
now configure it
sudo vi /etc/ser2net.conf
The configuration file already comes with some examples, you just have to modify them to suit your needs. This
file consists of one or more entries with the following format:
<TCP port>:<state>:<timeout>:<device>:<options>
BANNER:<banner name>:<banner text>

after modifying the configuration file you must restart the service
/etc/init.d/ser2net restart

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