Saturday, 10 May 2014

Create LVM volume from multiple disks

Recently I had to crate an Amazon EC2 Instance with a storage capacity of 5Tb, unfortunately, Amazon only allows us to create 1Tb volumes so I had to create 5 volumes, attach them to the instance and create a 5Tb LVM device.

My instance was running Ubuntu and I hat to install the lvm2 package:
apt-get install lvm2 
The volumes attached to my instance where named from /dev/xvdg to /dev/xvdk

to find the names you can use the command:
fdisk -l
First we have to prepare our volumes for LVM with:
pvcreate /dev/xvdg /dev/xvdh /dev/xvdi /dev/xvdj /dev/xvdk
You can run the following command to check the result:
The next step is to create a volume group, I used the command:
vgcreate storage /dev/xvdg /dev/xvdh /dev/xvdi /dev/xvdj /dev/xvdk 
And used the command:
to check the result, you can also use:
Now we need to create the logical volume, in this case I wanted to use the entire available space so, I used the command:
lvcreate -n data -l 100%free storage
to check the new volume if every thing goes well it should be on /dev/storage/data 

you can also use the command 
Now you just have to format the new device, you can use:
mkft -t ext4 /dev/storage/data
When ready you can mount it with:
mout /dev/storage/data /mnt

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