Tuesday, 17 June 2014

IPTables debugging

The following command will only show rules that have the action set to DROP or REJECT and omit the rules that didn't had any matches:
watch -n1 "iptables -nvL | grep -i 'DROP\|REJECT\' | egrep -v '^\s*0\s*0'"
This one does the same but with some colour highlighting, it will only show rules with matches, the words DROP and REJECT will appear in red and the word ACCEPT will be in green:
watch --color -n1 "iptables -nvL | egrep -v '^\s*0\s*0' | sed 's/\(DROP\|REJECT\)/\x1b[49;31m\1\x1b[0m/g' | sed 's/\(ACCEPT\)/\x1b[49;32m\1\x1b[0m/g'"

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